Business demands a reimagined legal function—multidisciplinary, data-driven, holistic and enterprise value-driven. 

To remain relevant and deliver greater value, legal professionals must meld law, technology and business. 

They must be proactive, data-driven, client-centric, and collaborative. 

They must become digital.

“If you transform your business to take advantage of digital [legal] technologies you can get 5X-10X in performance.”

–Erik Brynjolffson, Director of the Stanford Digital Economy Lab
at the Institute for Human-Centered AI (HAI)

Erik Brynjolfsson, Faculty Advisor to the Digital Legal Exchange, speaks with Mark Cohen, Legal Mosaic CEO and Executive Chairman of the Exchange about the power of digital transformation, the stakes for today’s companies, and enterprise legal departments.

“You do not add digital. You become digital.”

–Dan Reed, CEO of UnitedLex

Dan Reed, UnitedLex CEO, talks with Mark Cohen about the formation of the Digital Legal Exchange, its importance for the legal industry, and digital legal transformation and its material impact for legal departments around the world.


The Digital Legal Exchange is a springboard for general counsel, their teams, and their c-suite and business counterparts, to acquire the digital fluency, mindset, and knowledge necessary to enhance the legal function’s ability to deliver commercial value.

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